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"You know, it really depends on what films are being offered to you. It’s not always that interesting. Maybe people are more accepting of my choices, whereas for somebody else they would say, 'How strange that she did that.' The door that opened to me after Belle de Jour was such that a lot of things could pass through it. Belle de Jour is a film that got bigger with time. It did well when it was released, but only later did it become a mythical, almost cult film. And that character became something of a symbol, a strange heroine. And because I played her, people made assumptions about me...

With Buñuel, the experience was unique, because he was very modest and he liked to joke about things. Truffaut was the same. When we were filming, he never spoke to me in a straightforward way...

...Buñuel was extremely modest. Even with the actors it seemed… I felt for him. It was obvious that it wasn’t his favorite stage of the filmmaking process. It was something he had to go through: for the film to exist you need actors to play parts. But what he said was very minimal. It’s more what he said outside the film or what was written. But you really had to try and imagine, or guess, what he might have to say. He was very coarse in his way of talking. Actually, it made me laugh..."

Catherine Deneuve sobre Bella de Día, Tristana y Luis Buñuel. La entrevista completa con Madame Deneuve -realizada por el cineasta Arnaud Desplechin, nada menos- aquí.


marichuy dijo…

Vi este post en la mañana -desde el reader-, pero como allá no puedo bloguear, hasta ahorita vine.

A estas alturas del partido no creo Mme. Deneuve necesite que yo "le eche un lazo", como dice Joel. Pero igual, no está de más decir que "Belle de Jour" y "Viridiana" son mis películas favoritas de Buñuel. Y Séverine, mi personaje favorito de Catherine, aunque su Carol Ledoux también es genial.

Y de una vez, también mencionaremos al director-entrevistador, cuya "Rois et reine" me parece un gran film.


"Ah, yo quiero una así"

Qué, ¿una entrevista realizada Arnaud Desplechin?
Eeeeehhh... No exactamente, Marichuy.

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